Benjamin Thiébault studied classical piano and jazz at the regional conservatories of Montpellier and Paris, before joining the jazz and improvised music department of the National Conservatory of Paris in September 2014, under the direction of Riccardo Del Fra. He took part in an exchange program with the Amsterdam Conservatory, where he obtained his master’s degree in June 2018. During his studies, Benjamin benefited from numerous masterclasses (Aaron Parks, Ethan Iverson, Craig Taborn) as well as the teaching given especially by Serge Lazarevitch in Montpellier, Emil Spanyi and Hervé Sellin in Paris, Bert van den Brink in the Netherlands. He played with artists such as Franck Nicolas, the trumpeter from Guadeloupe, and Deva Mahal, an American singer of neo-soul music. He performed on the stages of renowned jazz clubs (Duc des Lombards in Paris, Bimhuis in Amsterdam, Hot Clube de Portugal in Lisbon), and participated in several festivals and international tours. He now devotes his time to his various projects, including the trio for which he writes the music.


The music of Benjamin Thiébault is made of a thoughtful writing with theatrical contours, without deviating from what characterizes the simple and intuitive approach of a song. His influences range from classical music to the immense idiom of jazz, film music, contemporary and world music. His various trips (Guadeloupe, New Orleans, Cuba) familiarized him with the richness of a repertoire from which his singularity emerges.