This Privacy Policy applies to information and personal data collected on the site, hereinafter referred to as “THE SITE”. This information and personal data are used exclusively by THIEBAULT BENJAMIN SERGE, 10 RUE EMMANUEL HEDON 34090 MONTPELLIER, FRANCE, hereinafter referred to as “TBS”. Any user, hereinafter referred to as “THE USER”, and / or customer, hereinafter referred to as “THE CUSTOMER”, admits to having read these conditions.

Personal information and data

1. What information and personal data do we collect?

When a USER creates an account on THE SITE to become a CUSTOMER, certain information and personal data are requested and stored on the SITE’s servers. This personal data may include name, first name, address, date of birth and a certain amount of additional information. THE CUSTOMER is informed that only certain information and personal data are required to process his order, the others being optional. THE SITE may also indirectly collect data on the use by the USER and / or CUSTOMER of the SITE, and technical information about the devices (type of computer or mobile device, ip address, etc.) of The SITE. USER and / or CUSTOMER.

2. How are personal information and data used?

The information and personal data of the USER and / or CUSTOMER make it possible to take charge of orders made on THE SITE. Personal information and data are used only by TBS for this purpose. In certain cases and with your consent, TBS will occasionally send you information which may be of interest to you. You can revoke this consent at any time and stop the sending of these messages, by clicking on the unsubscribe links appearing there. TBS pays particular attention to providing a secure environment for THE USER and / or CUSTOMER by reserving access to the SITE database to authorized employees only. However, TBS cannot guarantee with certainty that no unauthorized third party will be able to access personal information and data. If this is the case, TBS undertakes to notify THE CUSTOMER as quickly as possible and to take all useful and necessary measures to prevent this from happening again.

3. How to delete personal information and data?

THE CUSTOMER has the right to access, modify, rectify and delete data concerning him, in accordance with the “Informatique et Libertés” law of January 6, 1978. To exercise this right, THE CUSTOMER can access his information and personal data (name and first name, addresses, date of birth, etc.) and modify it at any time using the functionalities provided in the “My account” area. THE CUSTOMER may also request the suspension of his CUSTOMER account at any time via the form on the contact page of the SITE by sending a request to Webmaster & GDRP. When THE CUSTOMER requests the suspension of his account, TBS keeps a backup copy of the personal data for accounting purposes. TBS also keeps completely anonymized information for statistical purposes which no longer allows the CUSTOMER to be identified.

For any questions relating to the SITE’s privacy policy, contact TBS:
By email at


1. What is a cookie?

A cookie (or connection witness) is a text file that can be saved, subject to the choice of the USER, in a dedicated space on the hard drive of his terminal (computer, tablet, etc.) during the consultation. an online service using navigation software. It is transmitted by a website’s server to a browser. Each cookie is assigned an anonymous identifier. The cookie file allows its issuer to identify the terminal in which it is registered during the period of validity or registration of the cookie concerned. A cookie cannot be traced back to a natural person. When THE USER consults THE SITE, various cookies and in particular advertising cookies may be installed, subject to the choice of the USER. In any case, the cookies placed on the navigation terminal are destroyed 13 months after their deposit on the above mentioned terminal.

2. What are cookies used for
a. Technical cookies

The cookies issued by THE SITE allow:

  • to establish statistics and volumes of attendance and use of the various elements that make up THE SITE to improve the interest and ergonomics of the SITE and, where applicable, of the products and services
  • to adapt the presentation of the SITE to the display preferences of the USER’s terminal (language used, display resolution, operating system used, etc.) when visiting the SITE
  • memorize information relating to a form that THE USER fills in on THE SITE (registration or access to the account) or to products, services or information chosen on THE SITE (subscribed service, content of an order basket, etc.)
  • to allow access to reserved and personal areas of the SITE, such as the “My account” area, using identifiers or data that the USER has possibly previously entrusted and to implement security measures, by example when the USER is asked to connect again to a content or a service after a certain period of time

b. Social media cookies

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram

On some pages of the SITE there are buttons or modules of third-party social networks that allow the USER to use the functionalities of these networks and in particular to share content on THE SITE with other people. When the USER goes to a web page on which one of these buttons or modules is located, the browser can send information to the social network which can then associate this visualization with a profile. Cookies over which TBS has no control may then be placed in the browser by these networks. TBS invites you to consult the privacy policies specific to each of these social networking sites, in order to become aware of the purposes for using the browsing information that these social networks may collect.

c. Google Cookies

  • Adsense: Third-party advertising services such as the Adsense network (and its partners) control cookies from their advertising spaces
  • Analytics: These cookies are used to establish SITE traffic statistics and to detect browsing problems in order to monitor and improve the quality of services

THE SITE has no control over these cookies and is not responsible for the management and lifespan of these third-party cookies. Their purpose is to send tailored personalized advertising. No personal data such as name, surname, postal or email address, etc. is transmitted to these third-party partners whose intervention on THE SITE is limited to the deposit of cookies through the advertising content they manage. TBS invites you to read the policy of each of these providers.

More information


1. Exercise your choices according to the browser

The USER can at any time configure his browser software so that cookies are saved in his terminal or, on the contrary, that they are rejected (either systematically or according to their issuer). The USER can also configure his browser software so that the acceptance or rejection of cookies is offered from time to time, before a cookie can be saved in the terminal.

  • Warning: any setting is likely to modify Internet browsing, the conditions of access to certain services requiring the use of cookies. TBS declines any responsibility for the consequences related to the degraded functioning of services resulting from the inability to save or consult the cookies necessary for their functioning and which the USER has refused or deleted. This would be the case if THE USER attempted to access content or services that require identification. This would also be the case if THE SITE could not recognize, for technical compatibility purposes, the type of browser used by the terminal, its language and display settings or the country from which the terminal appears to be connected to the Internet.

2. How to configure the browser?

For the management of cookies and choices, the configuration of each browser is different. It is described in the browser’s help menu, which will allow you to know how to modify your preferences in terms of cookies. Below is information about the main browsers.

a. On Internet Explorer

  • Go to “Tools”> “Internet Options”
  • Click on the “Confidentiality” tab
  • Click on the “Advanced” button, check the box “Ignore automatic management of cookies”

b. On Firefox

  • At the top of the Firefox window, click on the “Firefox” button (Tools menu in Windows XP), then select “Options”
  • Select the “Privacy” panel
  • Configure “Conservation rules: to use personalized parameters for history”
  • Uncheck “Accept cookies”

c. On Chrome

  • Click on the three dots icon located at the top right of the browser toolbar
  • Select “Settings”
  • In the “Confidentiality and security” section, click on “Cookies and other site data”
  • In the “Cookies and other site data” section, click on “Show all cookies and site data”
  • In the “All cookies and site data” section, you can delete cookies and data from third-party sites

d. On Safari

  • Go to “Settings”> “Preferences”
  • Click on the “Confidentiality” tab
  • In the “Block cookies” area, check the “Always” box

e. About Opera

  • Go to “Settings”> “Preferences”
  • Click on the “Advanced” tab
  • In the “Cookies” area, check the box “Never accept cookies”


We remind you that you can, for any complaint, contact the National Commission for Data Protection and Liberties directly on its website or by mail at the following address :

National Commission for Data Protection and Liberties (CNIL-France)
3 Place de Fontenoy – TSA 80715, 75334 PARIS CEDEX 07